Łukasz Orbitowski — Cult, humour and tenderness
– Poland

Born in Cracow in 1977, writer and journalist, graduate of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University, local patriot of Cracovian neighbourhoods of Podgórze and Kazimierz. He started out his literary career in 1999 writing fantasy (Złe wybrzeża), turning to horror literature in his later works (Tracę ciepło, Święty Wrocław). He received the “Paszport Polityki” Award in 2016 for his novel Inna dusza. His most recent book, Kult (The Cult, 2019), talks about controversial St. Mary’s apparitions, unaccepted 46 47 by the Catholic church, and about dramatic family choices, at the same time tackling and squaring up with Polish folk religiosity and the country’s Communist past. By far, it is Orbitowski’s most mature novel, full of humour and tenderness.