Marcin Wroński: Retro Detective Novels
– Poland

Born in 1972 in Lublin. Writer and playwright, author of a series of retro detective novels. Lublin sounds pretty much like Dublin, so for a long time, he wanted to become a new James Joyce. The laureate of e.g. the “Wielki Kaliber” Award and two-time holder of the “Wielki Kaliber” Readers' Award. He gained popularity and the possibility to make living by writing thanks to a series of retro detective stories with Inspector Maciejewski started out in 2007 by the book Morderstwo pod cenzurą and finished in 2018 by Gliny z innej gliny. His novel Pogrom w przyszły wtorek was staged – under the auspices of the author – in 2017 as an open-air performance featuring elements of theatre and film. He is currently working on a modern-day political thriller.