Olga Hund:
– Poland

Native of the Lesser Poland voivodship, Hund used to spend her childhood vacations in the regional spa towns of Rabka and Krynica Zdrój. She surely graduated in something, but she does not remember when and in what, yet what she knows is the whole text of Zofia Nałkowska’s novel The Border and a book on growing pot herbs by heart. She has a black sky in the heart and a dog at home. Her first book, Psy ras drobnych (Dogs of Tiny Breeds, 2018) has been met with a very positive acclaim and allowed her to be nominated for prestigious Polish literary awards (the Gdynia Literary Prize, the Witold Gombrowicz Literary Award etc.). The female protagonist of Dogs… is a 28-year-old patient diagnosed with depression, admitted to a psychiatric hospital due to the fading psychic state and overdosage of medicine. “We can read this collection of fleeting moments, observations and miniatures as a social criticism and a study in violence against women, since most female patients are not that insane so that they wouldn’t remember what they have gone through.” (Justyna Sobolewska, “Polityka” weekly)