Olga Tokarczuk: A Lost Soul
– Poland

One of the most popular Polish writers of the last decades. Born in 1962, she graduated in psychology at Warsaw University. In 2018, she received the Man Booker International Prize for the English translation of her book, Bieguni (Flights, Fitzcarraldo Editions 2017, trans. J. Croft). She has received the prestigious “Nike” award twice – in 2008 for Flights and in 2015 for Księgi Jakubowe. She is a five-time holder of the “Nike” Readers' Award. Her debut novel Podróż ludzi Księgi came out in 1993. Her other works include e.g. E.E. (1995), Primeval and Other Times (Twisted Spoon Press 1996, trans. A. Lloyd-James) or House of Day, House of Night (Granta 1996, trans. A. Lloyd-James). Her most recent books are: Zgubiona dusza (2017) and Opowiadania bizarne (2018).