Wioletta Grzegorzewska: Out of the Isles
– Poland

Known by her nom de plume, Wioletta Greg. Born in 1974 in Kozieglowy, she started living in Czestochowa after having graduated in Polish studies. In 2006, she left for the UK and spent 10 years on the Isle of Wight. She currently lives in the London area. She has published several volumes of poetry, e.g. Wyobraźnia kontrolowana (1998), Orinoko (2008), Inne obroty (2010) and bilingual anthologies of poetry and poetic prose: Pamięć Smieny. Smena’s Memory, trans. M. Kazmierski (2011) and Wzory skończoności i teorie przypadku. Finite Formulae and Theories of Chance, trans. M. Kazmierski (2014). In 2014, she published her novel Guguły, staged by Teatr Dramatyczny in Bialystok. The English translation of the book (Swallowing Mercury, trans. E. Marciniak, 2017) was nominated for the Man Booker Award. In 2017, her novel Stancje and a book of poetry, Czasy zespolone, were published. She has been nominated for and received literary awards in Austria, Poland, Canada and Great Britain.